Monday, October 7, 2013


Isn't fun to describe oneself?

Who am I?

-I am a girl. Or a woman. Or maybe both, if thats possible. I am a young woman who lives like a girl (or how the society I live in thinks a girl lives like) . There you go.

-I am overweight. Understatement. Lets be honest. I am obese. 5'5 and 230lbs. What is sad is that the clothes I wore 2 months ago don't fit anymore. So 30 of the 200lbs is relatively new. I have been on a severe binge for no conscious reason. It must be a reason I am unwilling to face at this moment in time for only a reason my subconscous knows.

-I believe I will be the greatest chef there ever was and there ever will be... Although to some people, I am far from that goal. I have a real passion for food. I love to cook like a top chef; creating food for arts sake! I do consider myself an artist. I also consider myself a food addict (one who has an unhealthy attachement to food). As I admitted before, I am an emotional eater. I eat when I am happy, depressed, agitated (or angry), and worried. I hope to change this.

-My personal features: I have/had jet black hair (dyed), which is now transitioning to sable brown hair. I am thinking about keeping the two tones, letting my ends be "dipped" in black for some special effects... My hair is kinky coily in about 9 inches. Google is your friend. I have dark brown skin.

- I am 21 years old. wOOt! Unfortunately I get no more friday night drinks until I find myself at the end of the fasting road.

-I am a scholar! Or I at least consider myself one. I am a senior at a certain unversity who is studying ecology ot environmental biology. More on this will come later. Although this is my chosen major, I am interested in studying genetics and the mechanisms of DNA.

-What am I (Who I precieve myself to be)? I am a writer! I am a chef! I am an artist. I am a movie director! #CreativeLife

What do I love? Science fiction, romance, everthing Japanese, traveling,  and food and more food.

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