Monday, October 7, 2013


age quod agis: Latin.
Meaning translate: Do what you are doing.
 My translate: Complete yourself.

So today is the beginning and the end. Of what?
How I feel about this (anything and everything that comprises the meaning of the beginning and the end and how it relates to me) is so unexplainable, that I can't form even the founding mental images to perceive the concept onto myself. That statement may or may not be imaginary. Huh? I don't know what I'm saying but maybe my subconscious does. Lets just talk about what is happening right now, in this very moment.

1) I am distracted.
2) I am uncomfortable.
3) I am uncertain.

Distractions as listed:
Its 1:30 pm. Its uncannily dark and extremely windy outside and the weather forecast predicted a sunny, 80 degree day.
I have genetics homework that's due in the very near future.
I may or may not have to go to a meeting at 2:00.
I am naturally procrastinatic and seemingly (to other people) lazy person who lacks major motivation for the tasks at hand... At least I'm not in denial.

 Now be aware, I often make up words to express myself in various sentences and you will see a lot of this.

Uncomfortability comes not from the distractions as listed, but the fact that I am water fasting and I am an emotional eater. Leaving the denial of emotional eating behind has allowed me to make this decision to test myself. I keep thinking about all the food I ever wanted and I ever had all in a series of flashes that come and go as I sip on this crisp, fresh water.

I am uncertain if I will reach the goals and hopes I set for myself. I am truly uncertain.

So today begins my journey of fasting, however long or short it may be. And, also an end to the denial of emotional eating.

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