Monday, October 7, 2013

A Conversation With Ones' Self #1

So I'm stressed. And what do I do when I'm stressed?
If you are thinking "eat" then you are only half right...
I also talk to myself.

I tend to have long drawn out conversations with myself in order to make sense of, analyze, and come to terms (accept) what ever stressful situation I find myself in.

So tell me why on the day of my "beginning" a stressful event must take place? Its like a taunt from fate, "Haha on the very day of abstaining from food we'll make you desire to eat the most!"


So lets just say I am responsible for an  $800 TV getting broke and 5 minutes later I'm faced with a bowl of the most colorful and sweet smelling fruity pebbles I ever did see, accompanied by a cart of ice cold milk... Why now?!

But hey, I knew this journey wouldn't be easy when I began it, so I'm just gonna be real with myself. I want that cereal. I can't have that cereal, cause I am a warrior. So now I'll just chant that I am a warrior and go beat up some people on a video game! #YeahBuddy!

And afterwards I'm going to hold a conversation with myself on how to fix a warp drive reactor for my starship,because it somehow related to a broken TV.

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